Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Computer Animation class is doing an Animation!

I'm finally starting to learn some actual animation skills within Maya, and I'm super excited to get better! 

I'll admit at first I was skeptical and the actual animation part of it was intimidating to me, but it's getting easier every day!

Can't wait to finish this sucker up!

Friday, November 8, 2013


For starting this while bored in rt of China, it really took off!

I'm excited to make this a serious model, and honestly, I'm just kind of shocked that it became so good.

Hard surface organic form was never something I thought myself very good at, or really any organic stuff at all really, so I'm glad it's going good!

The Final Render!

Here it is!!!!

It's all finally together! Rendered, post, and all!

I will be working on it more intensively though in the future working out the dinks, and replacing the chair, as it's too unlike the room for my liking.

Castles N' Shit!

Here's a castle that started up for Video class, but it's ended up coming out so nicely that I'm going to push it way farther and make it a portfolio piece, and probably use it in some other way too!